We support the success of your stakeholder-centric business

As a business leader, do you find yourself…

Searching for ways to engage your team and build a more cohesive culture?


Wanting to operate in alignment with a higher purpose but lacking direction on how to do so?
Interested in stakeholder management but don’t know where to start?

We have the team, the knowledge base, and the programs to help you do all of this by transforming your practices and operations to enhance your stakeholder-centric business model.

The Future of Business: Stakeholder Capitalism

In 2019, the Business Roundtable released a new Statement of the Purpose of a Corporation declaring that the future of business needs to center on a stakeholder-centric approach

In short, this means that businesses should exist for the benefit of all  stakeholders, including employees, communities, shareholders, vendors, customers, and more. 

While making a commitment to stakeholder capitalism is one thing, implementing such transformation another thing entirely — it takes internal capacity, systems transformation, and new ways of thinking. 

Fortunately, that’s where we come in. 

The ICT has the latest research and curriculum tested inside multiple companies on how to effectively transform your practices so that your company can grow with a stakeholder-centric model.

Institute for Corporate Transformation Programs

Stakeholder Management Accelerator

The number one thing preventing companies from successfully growing into a stakeholder model is the capacity and knowledge base of their leadership team.

In our first-of-its-kind program, we work with your entire leadership team in tandem with your CEO on how to truly transform your company.


Change Leadership Certification in Stakeholder Management

Are you searching for answers on how to be a more effective change leader within your organization? Are you hoping to uplevel your skills and knowledge base to become a more integral component of your team?

The Change Leadership Certification in Stakeholder Management will give you everything you need to be an effective leader for change.


Stakeholder Management Audit


~ Fred Keller, Cascade Engineering, Founder and Chair

"Do this curriculum! It’s really expansive. It’s not the kind of thing you will find in a standard MBA class. I think that it should be. But it’s not. This is going to take you to new levels of thinking."

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